Veeam Backup & Replication v7


Fast, reliable, dynamic backups in the virtual environment


A new software with limited (but increasing) support in the Blog-O-Sphere for those issues not yet mentioned on the Official Veeam Form and KB Documents.


This is a promising piece of backup software and I would not be surprised if it becomes the new Gold-Standard as to which all backups software’s will be measured against in the next few years. It comes standard with a lot of great features such as Synthetic-Full backups, WAN accelerators, and a very strong de-duplication system. Tested on a VM Cluster (of three physical hosts), it had no trouble keeping track of a constantly shifting number of VMs.

While it may have been able to back up the Physical Hosts, I was unable to find the feature with any relative ease. I also was a little baffled with the Application based restores for items in Active Directory, MS Exchange, and Databases – eventually after reading through A LOT of documentation, I was able to master it, but it was a very time-intensive matter that some of the other backup software’s do with much greater ease.

This software is also a little cheaper than some of its alternatives as well; with the same “per processor” costing model of competitors, it seems to have all the features for the basic backup, with the option to add-on for anything you might not need up front. A lot of people call this nickel-and-dime, but I would call it paying for what you need and not what you don’t.

Bottom Line:

I would recommend this software to a friend/fellow System Admin – with many great features and a lower cost per processor I think it’s an incredible new standard to measure backup software’s against.​

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