i5 Processor
750 GB Hard Drive


Battery Life is Amazing, Sharp Screen, No Pre-Installed Bloat-ware, Lots of USB Ports, Quiet.


No VGA Port, Needs a lot of Essential VIAO Updates before ready for use.


I have always looked at the Sony VIAO as a Mac-Book-Killer; it is a premium laptop with Windows in the same sense that the Mac Book is a premium laptop with OSX. This laptop comes pretty well equipped with a CD-ROM, Webcam, Card Reader, 4 USB Ports and an HDMI port. I have had it 5 months and it is yet to crash on me, over-heat, or have any dead-pixels. It does seem to need a lot of Sony VIAO updates though – one such case is the Wi-Fi Update, unless you install it, the Wi-Fi will drop out for no reason, will fail to switch networks unless you restart it, and chooses to use the least amount of signal power, even if you are plugged in; no worries though, the update fixes all of this.

I also am terribly appreciative that this laptop comes with no bloat-ware. Other than MS Office Trial and Norton 365 trial, the only thing installed is the Sony VIAO software. Nothing irritates me more than booting up and HP or Dell for the first time and having to spend 90 minutes uninstalling junk-ware.

Bottom Line:

I would recommend this laptop to anyone who asks, with its reasonable (actually great) price, relative ease of use (do not worry, the updates are easy to install), and great reliability, I think this is the perfect laptop for any business or individual who uses their laptop to conduct business.

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