Microsoft Office 365


No more dealing with overly complex licensing in the form of CALs, Install Media, and Versions. No more worrying about backups, redundancy, multiple points of failure, or Spam Walls. No need to setup MS Exchange (Front End/Back End), SharePoint, Lync, Licenses Servers, or File Shares… It’s all hosted – Just setup the account, enter the billing info and GO!


Every now and then, you find these surprise “nuggets” of non-support, system limitations, and “I was not expecting that”.


For a flat monthly rate, Microsoft provides you licensing for Office Pro Plus (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, and Outlook), an email host, SharePoint for public and private sites, Lync for messaging or Web Conferencing, and file storage. All of these services are than hosted by Microsoft in their cutting edge data facility.

You no longer have to back up your data, create redundancies, or failovers. The only services you have to host your self are going to be Active Directory (if you use it) and any application servers beyond the standard suite.

Bottom Line:

Realistically, for all the services Microsoft is providing you for this flat monthly rate, you are getting a ridiculously great deal. It is a phenomenal cost cutting measure when you think of how many hours of troubleshooting you can remove from Exchange and SharePoint, never having to guestimate on CALs (I hate CALs), and not playing games with SSL Certs, DNS, auto discovery, and firewalls.

I would advise anyone looking to dive into this that first they take a long hard look inside and make sure they have what it takes when it comes to troubleshooting some of Microsoft eccentricities’.

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