Microsoft Exchange 2013


… Still Waiting…


Nothing like the previous versions. Many glitches that need Hot-fixes. Will stop working with no warning and requires system reboot.


Microsoft’s Exchange 2013, I was not looking to start off my first product review on a bad note, but someone needs to lay down the ground work on why Exchange 2013 was poorly executed. I would really like to think that Microsoft has a better quality assurance process than the minds that released this version of Exchange, but these are the same people that brought us Windows ME (still waiting on an apology) and Vista. I would not recommend this product to any organization who does not have a full IT Department dedicated to supporting email up-time. Any organization who has less than 100 users best stay away from this version of Exchange and move toward Office 365.

That said, it does make me wonder if that was not Mycroft’s intention the whole time – to just encourage a movement to their cloud based subscription services.

Bottom Line:

Above all else, I would not recommend updating/migrating to this product unless it’s an absolute organization requirement.

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