Google Nexus 5


So far the battery life has been great (very important to me). The reception has been great, easily better than the iPhone. Great forward and self-camera, user-interface is wonderful, really good screen resolution, picture, and brightness.


Not available on Verizon (not the phones fault). No expandable memory or replaceable battery. Many people complain that if the phone is not RIGHT UP TO your mouth, it is difficult to understand what you are saying.


I previously had the Nexus 4, so when the Nexus 5 came out, it was a must have. Full sized screen, great sound and picture quality. Out of the box, it was one of the best looking phones I had ever seen. It even feels like it is of a sound build so I do not always feel like I am going to accidentally crush it.

Because this is a Nexus phone, it is one of Google’s flagship models. As with all the Nexus phones, Google works to pack it with all the latest and greatest features and abilities that are available to the general market.

Bottom Line:

The price is very reasonable, it has all the same features of other phones, and it is another one of Android’s iPhone Killers! As much as I dislike using iPhone as the gold standard, it is the phone which all other phones are compared against. That said, I would take this over an iPhone any day of the week.

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