How to Make you LinkedIn Profile Available to Google

Today, I was asked by someone why they were not able to see their LinkedIn profile anymore when they Googled their name. I tried to explain that LinkedIn’s privacy settings have changed since they had last tried to search for them self. I also offered to do a brief write up explaining how to make it available to Google, hopefully this helps some of you as well.

Once you are logged in, click your pictures to open the “Account & Settings” dialog.  From there, click “Privacy & Settings”.

LinkedIn - Home Page

After you have arrived at the “Privacy & Settings” Menu, Click “Privacy”.  From there, Click “Change” next to “Edit your public Profile”.

LinkedIn - Privacy Menu

On the right hand column, you need to select “Make my public profile visible to everyone”.  Then, continue to select the information you want to be available to Google and the Public, such as “Skills”, Headline”, or “Summary”.  The fields you choose will be available to Google to Search as well as anyone to view, you will also see a preview in the left side pane.

LinkedIn - Public Profile


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